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American defense recon scope mount with 1 inch rings. The british army found it too lightly armored, particularly the hull floor, which antitank mines could easily penetrate the crews solution was lining the floor of the crew compartment with sandbags. United states army reconnaissance and surveillance leaders course rslc formerly known as the long range surveillance leaders course, or lrslc is a 29day four weeks and one day school designed on mastering reconnaissance fundamentals of officers and noncommissioned officers eligible for assignments to those units whose primary mission is to conduct reconnaissance and surveillance. For the price difference ill probably just get the recon. A quicker release, smoother movement and a sturdier design make this the best upgrade for any adm mount. Seems like meta is mortar, tank, ranger, and scout drone. As i will be in the states in a few weeks i am hoping that he can ship it to me there. American defense 30mm rings recon scout mounts matte.

Where does marine force recon fit in the world of special. United states army reconnaissance and surveillance leaders. The adm recon mount uses two locking levers to hold the mount to your rail. The who reason revolvers disappeared from police work outside of fiction was because the widespread proliferation of semiautomatic handguns lead to officers being outgunned. Magnum revolvers are garbage self defense weapons because their big, bulky thus hard to draw quickly and have a recoil that makes the 45 acp look tame in comparison. Upgrade your existing standard lever to the new tactical lever. In british service, the m8 was known as the greyhound, a nickname seldom if ever used by the us. American defense manufacturing adscouts scope mount up to. This american defense recon mount is designed for scopes with 30mm tube diameters and features the qd auto lock lever system. As christmas draws near, government book talk revisits one of our most popular blog posts to coincide with the holiday. Superior clamping surface to insure maximum rail engagement. For example, the cavalry scout 19th delta armored reconnaissance specialist is a person who acts as the eyes and ears of a squad, relaying all information to a commanding officer. Featuring over 500 entries, and covering aircraft from 1909 to the present day, each aeroplane will have a 200. Mounts from american defense mfg llc, with the patented auto lock lever.

American defense recon x extended scope 1 inch rings. I contacted jerry dove for his rar scout rail but unfortunately he cannot ship to germany because of itar rules. Books grossman does an excellent job of examining how changes in society over the past hundr. Free audio book that you can download in mp3, ipod and itunes format for your portable audio player. This is their lightest model and has just one bolt holding it to the gun. The american defense rec details if you are buying high quality glass for your rifle, a highquality scope mount is something you should not skimp on. American defense ad68c aimpoint optic cantilever mount. Mar 05, 2017 scout sniper teams are assigned to surveillance and target acquisition platoons, which fall under a battalions intelligence section, said gina cavallaro, author of the 2010 book sniper. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Lever can be configured to lock to the front or the rear. Andrew cuomo signed guncontrol legislation this wednesday aimed at improving school safety.

American defense scout quick detach 30mm scope mount black. Michael ohanlon and general david petraeus praise the u. From africas sahara desert, where he met churchill, to the plains of tunisia, where he served under. American defense manufacturing adrecon 20 moa scope mount. The constitution of the united states of america is the oldest written constitution in operation in the world. I have a swfa ss 1x6 which is a little on the heavier side so im trying to shave as much weight of the mount as possible. Haley strategic partners gear tactical gear ar15 books, videos, training tools. The light reaction regiment can trace its origins back to the year 2000 when noncommissioned officers. The uic is truly a marvel of modern fierarms design and manufacturing. American defense mfg adm surefire scout light mount tan color two screws.

The pocket constitution is certainly one of the most important scout books weve ever made. The american defense scout onepiece scope mount is an excellent lightweight option for adding highpower glass to your arpattern rifle. The unmanned rotary wing mq8c fire scout, deployed by the u. According to his character bio, jason bourne, of the bourne series of books by author robert ludlum, was a force recon marine captain. Its a blueprint for democracy and continues to shape the world we live in every day. The scout places the scope forward to get the correct amount of eyerelief. Mount, picatinny, quick release, fits 30mm scope,black scouts30 model. This page was last edited on 28 february 2017, at 17. Army reconnaissance and surveillance handbook provides tactics, techniques, and procedures for reconnaissance and surveillance planning, mission management, and reporting. It is precision machined from 6061 t6 aluminum and finished in hard coat t3 milspec anodize. American defense mfg optic mounts for aimpoint and eotech.

American defense manufacturing adrecon scope mount. Adreconsl, scope mount, quick release, 34 mm, black adreconsl34. United states marine corps force reconnaissance wikipedia. The light reaction regiment is the lead counterterrorist unit of the philippine army. The campaigns purpose was to collect and distribute books to members of the armed services. H 1999 london, hardcover with dustjacket 210 pages, with photos and all the history and details of the destroyers used in wwii in the usa navy, with index isbn 9781861761187 in good condition. The books use plastic coils, which have shown to hold up better than metal coils in the field. Apr 11, 2012 this video showcases the american defense ad recon h mounts. This is in contrast to their scout mounts that only use one lever. American defense modular cm4 socom spacer lower cowitness aimpoint compm4 your price. The adrecon works with scopes with objective housings as large as 56mm. Choose the guns for an all nation standardized us police force. The cantilever throws the scope out front allowing you to get the right eye relief.

The shadow unmanned aircraft system, long one of the most popular in the armys fleet, is beginning to reap the benefits of a reset decision that will make it a goto. This article is part 1 of a series on norads santa tracker by government book talk, and tells the history of how a typo in 1955 holiday ad and a norad colonels heartwarming response to kids led to norad tracking santa claus call sign big red. The adscout mount is made for putting high power glass onto a flattop style ar15. From what ive found the recon has two locking levers compared the the single on the scout. American defense recon quick detach 34mm scope mount black see more like this.

As a result, the marines, working closely with then secretary of defense rumsfeld, reversed course and created marsoc to be the marine corps unit in socom, starting in 2007. Im shopping for one to use with a 4x12 power scope. This model is identical to the m600 ultra scout light but does not include a remote tape switch. Defense secretary hagel suggests he may possibly have to consider recommendations to place ground forces in iraq though no recommendations have come so far. These rings replace the rings on your scout and recon scope bases. American defense scout30mmstd lightweight picatinny 30mm. The victory book campaign vbc, originally named the national defense book campaign, was established in 1941 by the american library association, the american red cross, and united service organizations uso. What are some of the best books on military psychology for. The cantilever throws the scope out front, allowing you to get the right eye relief. The adrecon mount is made for putting high power glass onto a flattop style ar15. The psychological cost of learning to kill in war and society. Storm, follows a team of force recon marines on missions in pakistan, north korea and the philippines.

Buy us army frontier scouts 18401921 elite first edition by field, ron, hook, richard isbn. The mortar is pretty effective, not sure any other class has a killing device nothing else seems to matter yet much. The constitution of the united states pocket book 20. At 3 of offset it proveds the longest built in eye relief of any adm mount. All american defense mfg, llc products are 100 percent made in the u. It steps up peformance with features like a billet upper receiver, 2 stage adjustable triger. Game content and materials are trademarks and s of their respective publisher and its licensors. Shadow unmanned aircraft team gets new leader article. A scout could just as easily injure himself or others while playing marbles as he can while playing football or karate. It is objective and cleareyed and describes, among other things, what would happen to the earth after a nuclear exchange. American defense recon mount qd 30mm black adrecon30.

Compact and extremely powerful, the m600 ultra scout light uses a highperformance, virtually failureproof led to produce 500 lumens of blinding output, and it continues producing tactical light for 1. American defense adrecon 30 std riflescope optic mount, black. Features of american defense manufacturing ad recon s qd scope mount, finger adjustable, 26smtres. The levers on the adm mounts cam against a locking plate to provide pressure on the side of the host weapons picatinny rail. The scout rifle as we know it has its origins in the 1960s. Details the american defense delta onepiece scope mount is an excellent option for adding highpower glass to rifles with longer receiver rails, such american defense delta quickdetach 30mm scope mount putting the optic at 1. Is the scout rifle concept the best personal defense gun. Insignia and badges of the united states marine corps are military badges issued by the united states department of the navy to marines who achieve certain qualifications and accomplishments while serving on both active and reserve duty in the united states marine corps. Mossad undercuts netanyahu, warns us congress against more iran sanctions israeli intelligence officials have apparently come around to the same view shared by both the obama. The huskies 81, 51 pac12, second in total defense entering the weekend, leapfrogged alabama for the top spot in the fbs in total defense. The force 5 recon series of books by peter telep, using the pseudonym p. It appears super sturdy and is a great match with my leupold mark ar scope. With the snipers already having been chosen in april during a selection process, the current selection process was held to round out the platoon with scouts. American defense manufacturing adscout scope mount, standard.

However, the bsa found that a number of sports present a significant risk to scouts and scouters and the bsa does not allow them to be used to meet requirements toward various badges or as interunit play during scouting. The ranger has the mk14 with some crappy parts, but it at least kills people in bullets without the msr slow fire rate. Related products to american defense manufacturing adrecon scope mount. It features the patented qd auto locktm lever system to accommodate both in spec and out of spec rail. One of the other benefits of the adscout optics mount from american defense mfg. Target sports canada, 14 stalwart industrial drive po box 639 gormley, on l0h 1g0 tel.

Storm tactical coil bound scout sniper platoon data book and field book set, printed on heavy card stock paper, in a an easy to read size of 5. Story of world war ii and millions of other books are available for amazon. American defense scout x extended scope mount with 30mm rings. Throughout history, military leaders have recognized the importance of reconnaissance and surveillance. Im not worried much about weight as my ar is mosty a go bangbang paper puncher. Never had a problem with any of them and they have all proven to stand the test of returning to zero. American defense mfg adm surefire scout light mount tan color.

Precision machined from 6061 t6 aluminum and finished in hard coat t3 milspec anodize. Perfect for when you want to change from a larger tube scope to a smaller or vice versa. At that time, the father of the modern technique of the pistol and gunsite academy originally the american pistol institute founder jeff cooper was working with various carbines, including the winchester model 1894, mannlicherschoenauer and remington model 600. Ripcord firebase, screaming eagles under siege, vietnam 1970 by k. New modular handgun system, sig sauer p320, in testing at army sites across the country source. If youre physically able and willing to accept the inherent danger involved with this job, you can enter cavalry scout training, which includes a 16week course at. Sappers in the wire the life and death of firebase mary ann by keith w. The adscout mount features the patented qd auto lock lever system which has the following advantages. More than 50 years after its founding, the united states air force is celebrated in a stunning, lavishly illustrated volume published in conjunction with the air force historical foundation.

Looking for books, i saw a list of most disturbing books ever. If youre out in the field and in a pinch, the mount can be adjusted with just a finger or a simple, flatblade tool. The digital collections includes letters, diaries, newspaper articles, reminiscences, troop histories, state agency records, maps, rosters, books, and other materials related to north carolinas civil war history. Reconnaissanceinforce rif is a type of military operation or military tactic used specifically to probe an enemys combat ability while typical reconnaissance forces are small and armed only for self defense, rif use considerable but not decisive force in order to elicit a strong reaction by the enemy that more accurately reveals its own strength, deployment, preparedness. American defense reconx mounts extra extended american defense recon, x. This one qualifies, albeit written during the cold war and perhaps but only perhaps a tad passe. Pages in category books about the united states military the following 16 pages are in this category, out of 16 total. A complimentary volume to janes aircraft recognition guide and janes vintage aircraft recognition guide, janes us military aircraft recognition guide focuses exclusively on the worlds most prolific military aircraft producing nation, the united states. So far, i am leaning towards the scout due to the lighter weight. Scout project on ruger american basis thoughts and. I thought what the hll and went with the american defense after much reading and i dont regret it at all. Dec 11, 2011 american defense manufacturing makes fantastic mounts in my opinion.

American defense recon x extended scope mount with 1 inch rings. Brownells american defense adreconh mounts youtube. Navy, recently demonstrated new endurance capabilities with a 10plus hour, 150nautical mile about 173 miles flight from the naval base at ventura county, calif. Mounts from american defense mfg llc, with the patented auto lock lever, mount features. Flying the cobra attack helicopter in vietnam by randy r. This mount from adm is designed for putting high power glass onto a ar15 style rifles or bolt action rifles.

The adrecons is a straight up scope mount with no eye relief built in. As with all of their mounts it places the center line of the scope at 1. Since the mid1990s, smallscale armour modelling has seen a great resurgence in popularity, mostly due to model manufacturers in germany and the many smaller companies that have started selling addons and accessories. The cantilever on the recon x provides extended eye relief over the standard recon. American defense delta quick detach 30mm scope mount black. American defense manufacturing target sports canada. The constitution of the united states pocket book 20 pack by misc. American defense adreconsl34 recon scope mount 34mm black. Defense chief may have ponder troop recommendations cnn. American defense manufacturing adrecon scope mount up to. Oct 28, 20 from what ive found the recon has two locking levers compared the the single on the scout. Badges of the united states marine corps wikipedia. The adrecon is a 2 offset or cantilever scope mount allowing for good eye relief.

American defense manufacturing adrecons scope mount up to. Can be adjusted with your finger or a flat blade screwdriver. Primary arms slx 16x24 sfp rifle scope gen iii illuminated acss5. Various service members will be at fort bragg over the next few weeks for testing of the new modular handgun system, the sig sauer p320, for the u. Eagle scout alvin townleys new book defiant tells of the 11 american prisoners of war who were shipped from the hanoi hilton to an even worse prison in north vietnam they nicknamed alcatraz. American defense mfg american defense recon scope mount with 30mm rings rating required select rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best.

Its sets the mark ar perfectly so eye relief is no longer a problem. Superior clamping surface to ensure maximum rail engagement. On leadership, the army, and america too many details food fights griping the old army problem days rhip rank has its privileges the youth of today. Some items were selected to support the civil war 150 blog maintained by the staff of the state archives. Using a highly visual, stepbystep approach, this book covers all of the major aspects of smallscale armour modeling, including construction. Mar 01, 2012 as a result, the marines, working closely with then secretary of defense rumsfeld, reversed course and created marsoc to be the marine corps unit in socom, starting in 2007.

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