Switchvox switchboard user manual

Discover the difference between asterisk and digiums ip pbx solution. Switchvox admin reference manual 7 extensions to find a particular extension, use the search box, entering at least 3 numbers of the extension, or at least 3 letters of the first or last name. Each user has a switchvox account that is his or her phone extension, and a password for that account. Switchvox support popular topics websiteicons getting started switchvox basicsswitchvox user trainingswitchvox admin training websiteicons troubleshooting search knowledgebaseknown issues websiteicons system maintenance subscription wizardactivate extended warrantyactivate switchvox support read more. Quick overview of switchvox premise, cloud, and virtual. Refer to your phones user manual to access your rapid dials favorites. Switchvox extension owner user guide unc computer science. This article illustrates three basic network topologies used with the switchvox softphone for iphone to help switchvox system administrators know how to set the switchvox softphone parameters. Refer to your phones user manual for the dtmf mode that your. Switchvox extension user documentation main my external contacts. Phone apps and describes features of switchboard, the switchvox graphical inter face. Switchvox can operate differently based on the date, day, and time. This desktop or shelf appliance supports up to 20 users and 10 concurrent calls. Gettingstarted welcometoswitchvox,theworldsmostpowerful,yeteasytoconfigureippbx.

Logging into the user suite on a computer that is on the same network as switchvox, open a web browser and. A time frame is considered valid when the current date and time match any one of a time frames conditions. Ask your switchvox administrator for your extension number and password, and for the url of your switchvox user tool suite the user suite. The switchvox webbased tool suite is available in several languages. Ifyournetmaskaddressisdifferent,changeittothecorrectvalue. This article is the guide to all switchvox articles. Startdate enddate startday endday starttime endtime 07012009 07072009 thefirstweekinjuly2009 startdate enddate startday endday starttime endtime. In this training, you will be introduced to the switchvox user web suite, the switchboard as well as ip phones. See the switchvox 80 appliance as an alternative pbx solution.

Phonebook entry, your phone rings and you have to pick it up, then switchvox. The physical location of the owner of this extension. Switchvox user training can help you navigate the switchvox interface more quickly and learn all of the powerful features to make you more productive. Get your switchvox aa60 soho from the switchvox experts at voip supply. Switchvox extension owner user guide computer science. Thisdocumentdescribes howtousethewebbasedswitchvoxusertoolsuite. Switchvox software for premise, cloud, and virtual. Switchvox extension owners guide teledynamic communications. Discover the features of your switchboard such as desktop call control and company communication overviews. Switchvox admin reference manual 9 extensions location. What are the differences among the basic network topologies used with the switchvox softphone for iphone. Gateway theaddressforyourgatewayisusuallytheipaddressofyourrouter. Digium switchvox user manual pdf switchvox extension owner user guide.

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